Jürgen Winterholler

Jürgen Winterholler

Vice President Digital Solutions of Rolls-Royce Power Systems (RRPS), Friedrichshafen, Deutschland

Jürgen is the Chief Digital Officer (CDO) of Digital Solutions for Rolls-Royce Power Systems (RRPS), a business unit founded in April 2017, and reports directly to the RRPS CEO Andreas Schell.  In this role, he is responsible for enabling and advancing digitalization for the company and oversees all aspects of RRPS’s digital transformation with the goal of positioning them as a strong leader in the digital future.  To achieve this goal, Jürgen has tasked his team with creating new business models and opportunities for RRPS including the development of solutions to find, acquire, cleanse, and analyze data from the fleet of RRPS assets.  This work has led to numerous collaborations with the new Rolls-Royce “R2 Data Labs” organization.

Jürgen first became part of the wider RRPS organization when he joined MTU Onsite Energy, a subsidiary of RRPS, in 2008 where he worked as the Director for Gas System Development then the Vice President of System Development with a global responsibility for about 250 engineers worldwide. Prior to this, he worked for MAN Gasturbines and E.ON, one of the largest utilities in Europe where he used his strong background in electrical engineering and software programming on many developments.

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